Lavish looks salon & spa is a full service fashion forward salon conveniently located in Houston, TX.
Our staff is welcoming and devoted to providing their clients with top beauty environment.
Step in and relax, We will take care of everything and leave you feeling fabulous. 
Artificial Eyelashes

Facials & Microdermabrassion

A beauty treatment for the face that is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, steam massage & mask. Facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed Time approximately one hour. Your esthetician will analyze your skin & prescribe proper treatment to meet your requirements.

Hydrating Facial: This facial is ideal for people who crave moisturized and dewy complexions. It brings water content back into your skin and locks that moisture in. Those experiencing dryness and irritation will benefit most from hydrating facial. --- $50

Anti- Aging Facial: This facial improves circulation & Elasticity. It pumps up the skin and reduces dark circles. Getting this facial regularly can help to keep your skin looking fresh, supple smooth & young. --- $50

Acne Cleaning Facial: This facial designed to treat the root cause of acne. The extraction process releases any excess build-up of oil & cleans out dirt that might be clogging up your pores. It includes high frequency treatment which kills bacteria and reduces inflamation. --- $50

Microdermabrassion: This procedure is safe for all skin types. It can improve the appearence of sun damage, age spots, acne scanning and other skin related concerns and conditions. --- $50

Galvanic: This procedure involves the use of mild electric current consisting of positive and negative ions to refresh, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. It improves the elasticity of the skin and boosts blood circulation and oxygen levels in the skin. --- $50

Facial Add ons:

Skin Polish --- $25  ||  High Frequency --- $15  ||  LED light therapy --- $15  ||  Thermal touch for hands & arms --- $10

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