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About Our Salon

Lavish Looks Salon & Spa is committed to excellence and dedicated to delivering top-notch beauty care services. Whether you want to get a haircut, facial, or makeup, our salon is your one-stop destination for your beauty care needs.

We use high-end beauty products to generate the best results and make you feel and look gorgeous!

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Lavish Looks Salon & Spa Is All About Beauty

Our experts are all about creating unique looks by utilizing their talents and delivering the best. We keep ourselves updated with the latest beauty trends to help you stay ahead in the beauty game.

Spare yourself some time to visit our salon to treat your skin and hair with intensive care. We care about your beauty needs!

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Excellent Work

Because we have the best specialists in our team and conduct quality work, we have a solid reputation in the market.

Facials- Your Ultimate Treatments For Skincare Needs

A facial treatment like Micro-Dermabrasion is designed to cleanse and exfoliate your skin deeply and leave your skin rejuvenated like never before. We will have the best esthetician to examine your skin and conduct the proper treatment that meets your skincare requirements.
Hydrating Facial
A hydration facial is a treatment for the client's face that involves using products to deep cleanse and nourish. This type of facial helps to correct dry skin, reduce inflammatory conditions, and combat aging by increasing collagen production.
normally $399 $50
Anti-Aging Facial
Anti-aging facial is a cosmetic treatment that restores volume to the face and neck through the injection of dermal fillers. It helps enhance overall appearance by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and restoring the natural volume of your face.
normally $399 $50
Acne Cleaning Facial
Acne cleansing facial is a type of skin treatment that aims to remove acne on the face. This is based on the fact that most acne is caused by dirt, grime, and other types of impurities stuck in your pores. By applying steam or hot towels over the face, one can open up the pores allowing for deep cleansing.
normally $399 $50
In the simplest terms, microdermabrasion is a method of removing dead skin and superficial scarring and discoloration (if present) from the face. It is often used to improve the quality and texture of the skin on the face.
normally $399 $50
Galvanic is about more than just skincare; it’s about the overall health of your skin. Galvanic treatment involves applying a mild electric current to skin that has had all dead cells removed. This treatment stimulates collagen production and helps rejuvenate facial muscles.
normally $399 $50
Facial Add Ons
Facial Add Ons are additional components of your face that can be added on through different procedures like skin polish, LED light therapy, etc.

Skin Polish --- $25.
High Frequency --- $15.
LED light therapy --- $15.
Thermal touch for hands & arms
normally $399 $10

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